Desert Rocks Bracelet - Miriam - one of a kind

Desert Bloom Designs Boutique

My Story:  My studio sits in the Foothills of Tucson, Arizona, where I find my inspiration every day.  I love the colors and the textures from nature that surround me and try to recreate the desert in my glass and jewelry.  I love gemstones and rocks of all colors and shapes.  And I love creating glass in the flame to use as a special "gemstone".

The Stone:  It all starts with the lampworked cabochon - worked in the flame here in my Tucson studio.  This one measures 20mm round.  The colors are a earthy stone, a deep caramel and a spot of black  with a special glass that adds just s hint of sparkle.  It is bezel set in sterling silver on a cuff bracelet of sterling silver wire.  The effect is a minimal bracelet with an organic feel.

A dark patina is applied.

This bracelet measures 2.25 inside diameter so I consider it a small.  For comparison my wrist measures  5 3/4 inches and this bracelet fits a little big on me.  There will be minor adjustments you can make, but I do not recommend squeezing the bracelet smaller or stretching the bracelet larger more than once. and never more than 1/4 inch.

Gift boxed 

Each Miriam bracelet is a one of a kind piece with a unique cab and gemstones.

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