Harmony Bangle Bracelet

Harmony Bangle Bracelet

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Quite an unusual shape.  But very pleasant to wear.  The sterling silver bangle bracelet will certainly make a statement.

The band is 3/4 inch wide so it's super comfortable.  It fits a medium wrist and will need to slide over the hand.  Minor adjustment can be made, but once the fit is found you should not pull the 2 parts open to prevent weakening the join.

The bead is riveted  on the bangle and measures 6 mm by 10mm.  Flashes of silver on the glass bead make it sparkle.

The silver has a steel gray patina applied which will darken over time.  The inside of the bangle has a satin finish.

To clean I recommend wiping with a damp cloth.

Can be special ordered when out of stock.  Email me for production time.