Harmony Urban Lariat

Harmony Urban Lariat

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A lasso, also referred to as a lariat, is a loop of rope that is designed to be thrown around a target and tighten when pulled.  It is a well know tool of the American Cowboy.

I have put an urban twist on this iconic symbol of the West.  Sleek and chic for any urban girl.  And it is by far my biggest seller.

I have added a "leaf" of silver with gold accents on this version - a harmony of glass and metal

  • the length of the necklace from the middle of the lasso to the tip of the silver is 23 inches.  (Medium)  but can be ordered in a short version or a long version
  • all of those tiny silver beads are exactly that - faceted fine silver beads
  • the little black bead interspersed throughout the necklace is a matte onyx bead
  • the handmade lampworked glass beads are made with a special glass and provide a shimmer of opalescence.  The colors in this piece range from moody blues to amber. So I have nicknamed this on Desert Sky
  • All you need is a damp cloth to clean it.

Each Urban Lariat will be slightly different