Holiday Gift Basket - Desert Rain

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What could be better than to gift her with  2 special items inspired by the desert.

The soap is artfully crafted here in Tucson by Artemesia

Reminiscent of a Sonoran Desert rain... Rich herbal fragrance. Made with the leaves of creosote... an ancient shrub used for centuries by the Indians of the Southwest for it's strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. We like it for it's "odor taming" properties! 

Handcrafted with the saponified oils of olive, sunflower, coconut, palm & castor. Enriched with creosote and essential oils.

The statement earrings, inspired by desert rain clinging to foliage, are made by me.

They are sterling silver with matte black onyx beads

The hang 3 inches.

Perfect for a special holiday occasion 

(but i wear them daily)

I am making this special gift available for the Holiday Season 2017.

Purchased individually the 2 items would be $122.00

The gift basket is $72.00