Urban Lariat Necklace - Classic in Moody Blue

Desert Bloom Designs Boutique

My Story:  My studio sits in the Foothills of Tucson, Arizona, where I find my inspiration every day.  I love the colors and the textures from nature that surround me and try to recreate the desert in my glass and jewelry.  I love gemstones and rocks of all colors and shapes.  I love creating lampworked glass in the flame.  And I like to use silver and gold to enhance my jewelry.  I call my work a harmony of glass and metal.

The lariat necklace:  A lasso, also referred to as a lariat, is a loop of rope that is designed to be thrown around a target and tighten when pulled.  It is a well known tool of the American Cowboy.

I have put an urban twist on this iconic symbol of the West.  Sleek and chic for any urban girl.  

And it is by far my biggest seller .

The "classic" has been around since 2002.

I make these in 3 lengths - short (20 inches), medium (24-26 inches, and long (30-32 inches)

I make these in probably any color you can think of.

  • the length of this classic necklace from the middle of the lasso to the tip of the last bead is 32 inches.  (Long)  
  • all of those tiny silver beads are exactly that - faceted fine silver beads.  This necklace the silver has a dark patina
  • the little sparkly bead interspersed throughout this necklace is a Swarovski crystal
  • the handmade lampworked glass beads are made with a special glass and provide a shimmer of opalescence.  The colors in this piece range from blues to turquoise to green so I call it moody blues.  
  • All you need is a damp cloth to clean it.

I am allowing this necklace to be a special order if no inventory exists.  It will take 2 - 4 weeks to complete.